FAQs for Student Storage

You should order online via the Go Box website. You can pay via credit/debit card or Paypal.

You can choose from our standard 12 Week or 20 Week packages to start you off. If you discover you need longer then you should contact us to arrange an extension to your storage term.

Anything that does not exceed 20kg in weight and can be handled safely by one staff member. Note: We do not store food items, plants, flammable liquids, illegal materials or hazardous substances.

We do not store food items, plants, flammable liquids, illegal materials or hazardous substances. At all times our staff reserve the right to reject items for storage in which case you may be charged for a failed collection.

We deliver your box pack to Elms Village Reception within 2-3 days of order and text you when it has been delivered. - Please collect your pack as soon as possible after delivery.

No, we have permission enter the Elms Village and to collect from the kerbside at the front door of your house. We will not enter your apartment block so you should have your items ready at your front door on the day of collection.

We will try to deliver to the communal hallway or leave them just outside the front door (weather permitting). We will call or text message you just before collection and collect at the front door again.

6 x Standard Boxes (600x430x400mm), 5m x 30cm bubble wrap, 66m roll of packing tape, black marker, box labels and instructions. These are enclosed in a single large mailing envelope.

Typically you will receive your storage boxes and packing materials within 2-3 days of placing your order.

You will receive 6 double walled recycled boxes: 600x430x400mm in size.

Our student storage boxes measure 600x430x400mm, they are double walled, strong and are ideal for most student belongings

Yes but only if they are double walled and strong enough for stacking. Your boxes should not exceed 20 kgs in weight. Your boxes can replace our standard box or can added as an additional item.

Yes - provided it is locked and it does not exceed 20kg in weight. It can replace one of our standard boxes or it can be charged as an additional item.

Yes - but these will be charge as additional items

No - we will only collect from your external apartment door at the kerbside. Our staff are not permitted to enter your premises, so please have your storage items ready at your door on the day of collection.

The service includes the return of your storage items to any new address in Greater Belfast. A charge will be applied for any delivery point outside of greater Belfast or we can facilitate your own courier collection. Contact us to make any arrangements.

Yes - Your storage includes delivery back to greater Belfast only. However, we can also quote you for an additional courier delivery to other UK or Ireland addresses. When you know your new address, send us an email and we'll provide a quotation.

Most students don't know where exactly they are returning to until nearer the start of the new term. You only need to email us before your new term and when you know where and when you want your storage returned.

After collection we will send you an email with your storage reference and inventory. You simply reply back to that email later in the summer when you know where and when you want you items returned.

Yes but you will need to book this service in advance. There will be a small charge of £5.00 for the additional handling and retrieval.

It is your responsibility to wrap all your own storage items in suitable protection for storage, including your bicycle.

Yes - but you are responsible for making sure it is suitably wrapped for handling, transportation and storage.

Our Student Storage Offer includes Goods in Storage cover up to a maximum of £300