STORAGE OPTIONS - and Packing Materials


Self storage at depot

Business Archive Storage Unit Load directly into your own storage unit at our secure storage centre, lock the store with your own key. Ideal for bulky furniture, stock and back office storage.

Storage & Insurance Net Vat Per Month
250 cubic foot unit £45.83 £9.17 £55.00
Goods in Storage Cover for first £1,000* £5.00 zero £5.00




Store at your door

Business Archive Storage Unit We deliver a storage unit to your door inside our custom built trailer. Each trailer is equipped with a trolley and loading ramp for ease of loading.

Trailer & Storage Unit Net Vat Per Day
Collection to Storage or Return from Storage * £45.00 £9.00 £54.00




Assisted loading at your door

Business Archive Storage Unit We can provide 1 or 2 Men to load and pack your storage unit to a professional standard, at your door. This service includes the hourly rate for trailer, truck and equipment.

Assisted Loading Net Vat Per Hour
1 Man & 1 Van £45.00 £9.00 £54.00
2 Men & 1 Van £60.00 £12.00 £72.00